Why Hygieya?

Benefits of a Hygieya

Hygieya smart electronic bidet toilet seats are not just the luxury item that every household needs, but they also give a contemporary twist to existing toilet units and bathrooms in general, enabling a modern modification without having to change your whole toilet unit.

Intelligent Comfort

Instead of traditional toilet paper that can sometimes be rough and uncomfortable, Hygieya smart electronic bidet toilet seats quickly provide comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button. They also include an integrated drier and a heated seat for those cold winter mornings. A once mundane trip to the bathroom can become a spa-like experience with a Hygieya.


If you have, or have ever had hemorrhoids (piles), then you know that they are a severely painful and a very uncomfortable condition to have to deal with. When you have hemorrhoids they can often require that you visit a physician for treatment which may mean painful or uncomfortable surgery. Until you manage to have your hemorrhoids removed you may find that simply using the bathroom is a painful task that you would like to avoid if at all possible. Luckily, there is an easy and straightforward way for you to eliminate the discomfort associated with elimination, and that is to use a smart electronic bidet seat.

Medical Conditions

Smart electronic bidet toilet seats are great for those who have particular medical conditions. For example, you might have diminished strength in your hands or arms. Any patient who has gone through surgery in that region would also get relief and comfort with a bidet seat.

New and expecting mothers

Menstrual periods are often very uncomfortable. Women who have given birth recently, or who may be expecting, may be extra sensitive in that area.  Making use of a bidet's wash features can be a more soothing and relaxing experience.

The elderly

When we get older, using the bathroom can become an increasingly difficult task. Some turn to care-givers for assistance with cleaning. This can lower a person’s self-esteem – having to depend on someone else to use the toilet.  A smart electronic bidet seat can help restore confidence and allow you to regain your independence!


Young children often struggle with going to the toilet and can find the process of cleaning themselves quite difficult and messy. Using a Hygieya smart electronic bidet toilet seat can help your child clean themselves easily and hygienically, making trips to the toilet for our young ones less of an ordeal.

Fresher, cleaner, and more hygienic

Water is more effective at cleaning you than dry paper - but you knew that already!

Smart electronic bidet toilet seats provide a more soothing cleaning experience than using toilet paper.  Cleaning with toilet paper is often abrasive and can create sensitivity and irritation.

Washing with water more effectively reduces the likelihood of bacteria germinating.  In fact, using only toilet paper can actually spread bacteria across an area as opposed to cleaning it away!  Bidet usage can also provide a hands-free experience – your hands stay on your lap, while the bidet seat works beneath you.  It’s completely hands-free.

Intelligent Deodorisation

No more nasty smells after visiting the bathroom as Hygieya keeps the room smelling fresh after every use.

Anti-bacterial seat

Prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria on the seat surface.


There's no need to use toilet paper, so you're saving trees and the water used to manufacture each roll. By cutting back on our toilet paper consumption we can reduce our overall paper waste and prevent our pipes and sewers from clogging up.